Principle-Guided Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents

The FIRST Program for Behavioral and Emotional Problems

John R. Weisz and Sarah Kate Bearman

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February 10, 2020
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February 10, 2020
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1. All about FIRST

2. Using FIRST and the FIRST Decision Trees to Treat Anxiety/OCD, Posttraumatic Stress, Depression, and Misbehavior

3. Beginning Treatment

4. Clinician Guides: Facts about the Problems Treated with FIRST

5. Help for Caregivers: Handouts on the Problems Treated with FIRST

- Think FIRST: Planning Treatment, Case by Case

- Summary Overview of the FIRST Treatment Program

6. Using the FIRST Principles: Feeling Calm

7. Using the FIRST Principles: Increasing Motivation

8. Using the FIRST Principles: Repairing Thoughts

9. Using the FIRST Principles: Solving Problems

10. Using the FIRST Principles: Trying the Opposite

11. Skill Units for Continuing Treatment, Boosting Engagement, and Ending Treatment

Appendix I. Published Studies Showing Independent Effects of the Five FIRST Principles

Appendix II. Sample Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Appendix III. Using FIRST for Panic Attacks and Tic/Habit Behaviors

Appendix IV. Frequently Asked Questions for Clinical Practice


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