Promoting School Readiness and Early Learning

Implications of Developmental Research for Practice

Edited by Michel Boivin and Karen L. Bierman

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September 27, 2013
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October 10, 2013
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I. Setting the Stage: The Importance of School Readiness for School Success

1. School Readiness: Introduction to a Multifaceted and Developmental Construct, Michel Boivin and Karen L. Bierman

2. Early Predictors of High School Completion: The Developmental Interplay between Behavior, Motivation, and Academic Performance, Frank Vitaro, Mara Brendgen, and Richard E. Tremblay

3. Assessing the Predictive Validity and Early Determinants of School Readiness Using a Population-Based Approach, Michel Boivin, Hélène Desrosiers, Jean-Pascal Lemelin, and Nadine Forget-Dubois

II. Determinants of School Readiness

4. A Multilevel Approach to the Examination of Cognitive Skills in School Readiness, Mark Wade, Heather Prime, Dillon Browne, and Jennifer M. Jenkins

5. The Role of Oral Language Development in Promoting School Readiness, Ginette Dionne, Catherine Mimeau, and Émylie Mathieu

6. Early Child Care Experiences and School Readiness, Sylvana M. Côté, Marie-Claude Geoffroy, and Jean-Baptiste Pingault

III. Supporting School Readiness with Evidence-Based Programs and Practices

7. The Role of Language and Literacy Interventions in School Readiness, Barbara A. Wasik and Annemarie H. Hindman

8. Promoting Math Readiness through a Sustainable Prekindergarten Mathematics Intervention, Prentice Starkey, Alice Klein, and Lydia DeFlorio

9. The Development of Self-Regulatory Skills and School Readiness, Christine Pajunar Li-Grining, Jaclyn Lennon, Maria Marcus, Valerie Flores, and Kelly Haas

10. Integrating Evidence-Based Preschool Programs to Support Social-Emotional and Cognitive Development, Karen L. Bierman, Celene E. Domitrovich, Robert L. Nix, Janet A. Welsh, and Scott D. Gest

11. Parenting Programs That Promote School Readiness, Janet A. Welsh, Karen L. Bierman, and Erin T. Mathis

IV. Going to Scale with Evidence-Based Programs: Sustaining High-Quality Practice

12. Better Beginnings, Better Futures: A Comprehensive, Community-Based Early Child Development Project to Facilitate Transition to Primary School and Beyond, Ray DeV. Peters and Angela Howell-Moneta

13. Large-Scale Dissemination of an Evidence-Based Prevention Program for At-Risk Kindergartners: Lessons Learned from an Effectiveness Trial of the Fluppy Program, François Poulin, France Capuano, Frank Vitaro, Pierrette Verlaan, Monique Brodeur, and Jacinthe Giroux

14. Informing Policy to Support Evidence-Based School Readiness Programs and Practices, Rob Santos

15. School Readiness in a Developmental Perspective: Summary of Findings and Implications for Future Research and Practice, Karen L. Bierman and Michel Boivin