Psychotherapy for Children with Bipolar and Depressive Disorders

Mary A. Fristad, Jill S. Goldberg Arnold, and Jarrod M. Leffler

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May 16, 2011
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June 10, 2011
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I. Mood Disorders in Children and How Psychoeducational Psychotherapy Helps

1. The Challenge of Treating Children with Mood Disorders

2. Current Scientific Knowledge about Childhood Mood Disorders

3. Implementing Psychoeducational Psychotherapy

4. The Complexities of Establishing a Mood Disorder Diagnosis

II. Psychoeducational Psychotherapy Session by Session

5. Discussing Mood Symptoms with Children

6. Reviewing Symptoms and Disorders with Parents

7. Teaching Children How to Separate Symptoms from Self and How Treatment Helps Symptoms

8. Discussing Medication with Parents

9. Discussing Healthy Habits with Children

10. Teaching Parents about Systems: Mental Health and School Teams

11. The Child's Tool Kit for Coping with Difficult Feelings

12. Discussing Negative Family Cycles and Thinking, Feeling, Doing with Parents

13. Thinking, Feeling, Doing with Children

14. Problem-Solving and Basic Coping Skills for Parents

15. Problem-Solving Skills for Children

16. Addressing School Issues with the School Team

17. The Communication Cycle and Nonverbal Communication Skills for Children

18. Communication Skills for Parents

19. Verbal Communication Skills for Children

20. Planning for Symptom and Crisis Management with Parents

21. Working with Siblings

22. Wrapping Up with Parents and Children

III. Child and Parent Handouts and Group Game Materials

Appendix. Resources