Psychotherapy with African American Women

Innovations in Psychodynamic Perspectives and Practice

Edited by Leslie C. Jackson and Beverly Greene

July 11, 2000
ISBN 9781572305854
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298 Pages
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Foreword, Pamela Trotman Reid

1. The New Multiculturalism and Psychodynamic Theory: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and African American Women, Leslie C. Jackson

2. The Interweaving of Cultural and Intrapsychic Issues in the Therapeutic Relationship, Kumea Shorter-Gooden and Leslie C. Jackson

3. Individual and Group Psychotherapy with African American Women: Understanding the Identity and Context of the Therapist and Patient, Joan M. Adams

4. The Stone Center Theoretical Approach Revisited: Applications for African American Women, Yvonne M. Jenkins

5. African American Lesbians and Bisexual Women in Feminist-Psychodynamic Psychotherapies: Surviving and Thriving between a Rock and a Hard Place, Beverly Greene

6. The Courage to Hear: African American Women's Memories of Racial Trauma, Jessica Henderson Daniel

7. The African American Supervisor: Racial Transference and Countertransference in Interracial Psychotherapy Supervision, Michele Owens-Patterson

8. Hair Texture, Length, and Style as a Metaphor in the African American Mother-Daughter Relationship: Considerations in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Beverly Greene, Judith C. White, and Lisa Whitten

9. Finding the Lost Part: Identity and the Black/White Biracial Client, Kumea Shorter-Gooden

10. Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy with African American Women: The Bad Mother in All-Female Groups, Judith C. White

11. The Icon of the Strong Black Woman: The Paradox of Strength, Regina E. Romero

12. African American Women and Moral Masochism: When There Is Too Much of a Good Thing, Cheryl L. Thompson

13. Feminist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with African American Women: Some Differences, Frances K. Trotman

14. African American and American Jew: A Tale of Two Women Searching for Home, Cheryl L. Thompson