Self-Regulated Learning

From Teaching to Self-Reflective Practice

Edited by Dale H. Schunk and Barry J. Zimmerman

March 20, 1998
ISBN 9781572303065
Price: $55.00
244 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

“This book is essential reading for all educators who teach in learning settings from kindergarten through college. As the third volume in a trilogy, this volume focuses on the practical application of theoretical principles and research findings introduced in earlier volumes. Self-regulation is approached as a series of teachable skills that continue to be sharpened as students move through the curriculum. Individual chapters written by prominent educational psychologists are based on emerging data from field-tested programs. This is the only theoretically driven, research-based book available today that provides a framework for teaching students in American schools ¿how to be students.”—Dale Schunk and Barry Zimmerman have done it again!”

—Gary D. Phye, PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, Iowa State University

“In the theory of self-regulated learning, educational psychology merges the best thinking about cognition, motivation, volition, social interaction, and expertise to explain how academic learning at its best occurs. But practitioners have lacked guidance in translating this powerful theory into insightful practice. Schunk and Zimmerman's Developing Self-Regulated Learners provides this guidance. Eleven chapters by outstanding researchers and teachers describe large-scale projects with elementary through college-age students. The interventions have been thoroughly assessed and their impacts documented. These pictures of successful practice will be of interest to students in education and psychology, to practitioners, to policy makers, and to anyone interested in improving education in an era when learning extends in time and place well beyond the walls of classrooms. I will use this text with prospective teachers and doctoral students. The book provides what is sorely lacking in education today—rich descriptions of practices that are grounded in solid theory and tested in the world of students.”

—Anita Woolfolk Hoy, Ph.D, Professor, The Ohio State University

“This book describes successful large-scale interventions for teaching self-regulated learning to varied groups of learners in diverse situations. With careful attention to both conceptual bases and implementation strategies, the volume demonstrates that the field of self-regulated learning has made significant progress in theory, research, and practice.”

—Wilbert J. McKeachie, Department of Psychology, University of Michigan