Social Development

Relationships in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence

Edited by Marion K. Underwood and Lisa H. Rosen

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July 15, 2011
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I. Setting the Stage

1. The Architecture of Social Developmental Science: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives, Ross A. Thompson and Miranda Goodman

2. Biological Correlates of Social Development, Leslie J. Carver and Lisa Tully

3. Temperament, Emotion Regulation, and Social Development, Susan D. Calkins and Jennifer S. Mackler

II. Self and Relationships

4. The Self and Identity, Lisa H. Rosen and Meagan M. Patterson

5. Attachment Theory and Research in Developmental Psychology: An Overview and Appreciative Critique, Glenn I. Roisman and Ashley M. Groh

6. Families, Parenting, and Discipline, George W. Holden, Brigitte Vittrup, and Lisa H. Rosen

7. Peer Relations as a Developmental Context, William M. Bukowski, Duane Buhrmester, and Marion K. Underwood

8. Romantic Relationships in Adolescence, Jennifer Connolly and Caroline McIsaac

III. Social Behaviors

9. Aggression, Marion K. Underwood

10. The Science of Moral Development, Lawrence J. Walker and Jeremy A. Frimer

11. Prosocial Behavior, Joan E. Grusec and Amanda Sherman

IV. Contexts for Social Development

12. Gender, Campbell Leaper and Rebecca S. Bigler

13. Race, Ethnicity, and Social Class, Nancy E. Hill and Dawn P. Witherspoon

14. Child Care and Schools, Margaret Tresch Owen and Kristin L. Bub

15. Culture, Thomas S. Weisner

V. Risk and Resilience

16. Child Maltreatment and Social Relationships, Penelope K. Trickett and Sonya Negriff

17. A Developmental Perspective on Risk, Resilience, and Prevention, Scott D. Gest and Alice J. Davidson