Social Work Practice with Children

Fourth Edition

Nancy Boyd Webb
Foreword by Luis H. Zayas

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January 14, 2019
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November 29, 2018
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Foreword, Luis H. Zayas

I. An Ecological–Developmental Framework for Helping Children

1. The Challenge of Meeting Children’s Needs in the Context of Difficult Family and Community Environments

2. Challenges for Practitioners in Helping Children

II. The Process of Helping Children: A Running Case Illustration of a Child in a Single-Parent Homeless Family

3. Building Relationships with All Relevant Systems

4. The Biopsychosocial Assessment of the Child

5. Contracting, Planning Interventions, and Tracking Progress

III. Different Methods of Helping Children

6. Helping the Family Help Their Child

7. Individual Play Therapy with the Child

8. Group Work with Children

9. School-Based Interventions

IV. Helping Children in Special Circumstances

10. Children Living in Kinship and Foster Home Placements

11. Children in Single-Parent, Divorcing, and Blended Families

12. Children in Families Affected by Illness and Death

13. Children in Substance-Using Families

14. Child Victims and Witnesses of Family and Community Violence

15. The Interpersonal Violence of Bullying: Its Impact on Victims, Perpetrators, and Bystanders/Witnesses

16. Immigrant and Refugee Children

17. The Impact of a Changing World on Practice with and for Children



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