Teaching Emergent Bilingual Students

Flexible Approaches in an Era of New Standards

Edited by C. Patrick Proctor, Alison Boardman, and Elfrieda H. Hiebert

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September 7, 2016
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I. Policy

1. Language Education Policies in the Common Core Era: Policy Initiatives That Affect Emergent Bilingual Youth, Francesca López

2. Effective Instruction for Emergent Bilingual Children: Accelerating English Acquisition While Developing Biliteracy, Kathy Escamilla and Susan Hopewell

3. Response to Intervention for Emergent Bilingual Students in a Common Core Era: Guiding Principles for Distinguishing between Language Acquisition and Learning Disability, Amy M. Eppolito and Vanessa Santiago Schwarz

II. Pedagogy

4. English Learners and Instructional Texts: Evidence, Current Practice, and a Call to Action, Elfreida H. Hiebert

5. Supporting Linguistically Diverse Students to Develop Deep, Flexible Knowledge of Academic Words, Amy C. Crosson

6. Using Strategy Instruction to Promote Reading Comprehension and Content Learning, Alison Boardman and Cristin Jensen Lasser

7. Dialogic Reasoning: Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students’ Language and Literacy Development, Marcela Ossa Parra, Christopher J. Wagner, C. Patrick Proctor, Christine M. Leighton, Dana A. Robertson, Jeanne R. Paratore, and Evelyn Ford-Connors

8. Writing Arguments: The Experience of Two Mainstream Teachers Working with Multilingual Students, María Estela Brisk, Yalda M. Kaveh, Pat Scialoia, and Beverly Timothy

9. Energizing Reading: Engagement in Teaching and Learning, Ana TaboadaBarber and Peet Smith

10. Situating the English Language Arts Common Core Standards in Science: Enhancing Access to Language for Emergent Bilingual Students, Marco A. Bravo

III. Professional Learning

11. Academic Language and Literacy in Every Subject (ALLIES): A Capacity-Building Approach to Supporting Teachers in Grades 4–8, Susan P. O’Hara, Robert Pritchard, and Jeff Zwiers

12. Supporting Linguistically Responsive Teaching: e-Learning Communities for Academic Language Learning in Mathematics and Science (eCALLMS), Kara Mitchell Viesca, Boni Hamilton, Anne O. Davidson, and the eCALLMS Team