The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System

Attachment Theory and Assessment in Adults

Carol George and Malcolm L. West

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March 12, 2012
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April 10, 2012
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I. Background

1. Narrative versus Non-Narrative Assessment of Adult Attachment

2. Defining Attachment Stories as Representational Precipitates

II. Development, Validation, and Coding of the AAP

3. The Development and Validation of the AAP

4. The Attachment Self: The AAP Attachment Content Coding Dimensions

5. Defensive Processes in the AAP

III. Using the AAP

6. Secure Attachment

7. Dismissing Attachment

8. Preoccupied Attachment

9. Dysregulated Segregated Systems: Unresolved Attachment, Failed Mourning, and Preoccupation with Suffering

10. Using the AAP in Neurobiology Research, Anna Buchheim and Carol George