The Complexity of Connection

Writings from the Stone Center's Jean Baker Miller Training Institute

Edited by Judith V. Jordan, Maureen Walker, and Linda M. Hartling

April 23, 2004
ISBN 9781593850258
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308 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
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I. Deepening Our Understanding of Relationship

1. Toward Connection and Competence, Judith V. Jordan

2. Relational Resilience, Judith V. Jordan

3. Relational Awareness: Transforming Disconnection, Judith V. Jordan

4. Therapists' Authenticity, Jean Baker Miller, Judy V. Jordan, Irene P. Stiver, Maureen Walker, Janet Surrey, and Natalie S. Eldridge

5. Race, Self, and Society: Relational Challenges in a Culture of Disconnection, Maureen Walker

6. Shame and Humiliation: From Isolation to Relational Transformation, Linda M. Hartling, Wendy Rosen, Maureen Walker, and Judith V. Jordan

7. Racial Images and and Relational Possibilities, Maureen Walker and Jean Baker Miller

8. Women, Race, and Religion: A Dialogue of Black and White, Andrea Ayvazian and Beverly Daniel Tatum

II. Applying the Power of Connection

9. Couple Therapy: A Relational Approach, Stephen J. Bergman and Janet L. Surrey

10. Relationships in Groups: Connection, Resonance, and Paradox, Nikki Fedele

11. Mothers and Sons: Raising Relational Boys, Cate Dooley and Nikki Fedele

12. Applications of the Relational Model to Time-Limited Therapy, Judith V. Jordan, Maryellen Handel, Margarita Alvarez, and Robin Cook-Nobles

13. Relational Theory in the Workplace, Joyce K. Fletcher