The Family Guide to Getting Over OCD

Reclaim Your Life and Help Your Loved One

Jonathan S. Abramowitz

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April 15, 2021
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April 15, 2021
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April 9, 2021
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Dr. Abramowitz shares strategies for families coping with OCD.Video: Abramowitz Book Trailer

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I. Understanding OCD

1. What Is OCD?

2. How Does OCD Set Its Trap?

3. How Do Families Get Entangled in OCD? sample

4. Treatment That Can Help Your Relative—and Your Family

II. Preparing to Untangle Yourself from OCD

5. Why Your Loved One May Refuse Treatment—and What You Can Do

6. Learning the Facts About Anxiety, Obsessions, and Uncertainty

7. Learning to Communicate Effectively

III. Reducing OCD’s Influence Step by Step

8. Taking Stock of Your Situation

9. Preparing Your Loved One

10. Setting and Maintaining Expectations

11. Reducing Accommodation

12. Responding to Arguments, Threats, and Extreme Behavior

13. Staying on Track

IV. When Your Loved One Is Ready for Help

14. Finding the Right Treatment Program and Provider

15. Becoming an Effective Exposure Therapy Coach