The Psychology of Goals

Edited by Gordon B. Moskowitz and Heidi Grant

January 16, 2009
ISBN 9781606230299
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548 Pages
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Introduction: Four Themes in the Study of Goals, Gordon B. Moskowitz and Heidi Grant

I. What (and Where) Are Goals?

1. What Is So Special (and Nonspecial) about Goals?: A View from the Cognitive Perspective, Arie W. Kruglanski and Catalina Kopetz

2. Goals in the Context of the Hierarchical Model of Approach–Avoidance Motivation, Andrew J. Elliot and Daniela Niesta

3. Goal-Content Theories: Why Differences in What We Are Striving for Matter, Heidi Grant and Laura Gelety

4. The Neuroscience of Goal Pursuit: Bridging Gaps between Theory and Data, Elliot T. Berkman and Matthew D. Lieberman

5. The Selfish Goal, John A. Bargh and Julie Y. Huang

II. How Are Goals Selected?

6. Fantasies and Motivationally Intelligent Goal Setting, Gabriele Oettingen and Elizabeth J. Stephens

7. How Does Our Unconscious Know What We Want?: The Role of Affect in Goal Representations, Ruud Custers

8. Goal Priming, Gordon B. Moskowitz and Yuichu Gesundheit

9. Moments of Motivation: Margins of Opportunity in Managing the Efficacy, Need, and Transitions of Striving, James Y. Shah, Deborah Hall, and N. Pontus Leander

III. How Are Goals Pursued?

10. Five Markers of Motivated Behavior, Leonard L. Martin and Abraham Tesser

11. Normal and Pathological Consequences of Encountering Difficulties in Monitoring Progress toward Goals, Nira Liberman and Reuven Dar

12. The Compensatory Nature of Goal Pursuit: From Explicit Action to Implicit Cognition, Gordon B. Moskowitz

13. When Persistence Is Futile: A Functional Analysis of Action Orientation and Goal Disengagement, Nils B. Jostmann and Sander L. Koole

14. Goal Implementation: The Benefits and Costs of If–Then Planning, Elizabeth J. Parks-Stamm and Peter M. Gollwitzer

15. Regulatory Focus: Classic Findings and New Directions, Jens Förster and Lioba Werth

IV. Consequences of Goal Pursuit

16. Self-Regulatory Resource Depletion: A Model for Understanding the Limited Nature of Goal Pursuit, Kathleen D. Vohs, Andrew M. Kaikati, Peter Kerkhof, and Brandon J. Schmeichel

17. Goals and (Implicit) Attitudes: A Social-Cognitive Perspective, Melissa J. Ferguson and Shanette C. Porter

18. Mystery Moods: Their Origins and Consequences, N. Pontus Leander, Sarah G. Moore, and Tanya L. Chartrand

19. Regulatory Fit in the Goal-Pursuit Process, E. Tory Higgins