The Research Journey

Introduction to Inquiry

Sharon F. Rallis and Gretchen B. Rossman
Foreword by Thomas A. Schwandt

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1. Inquiry as Learning: Beginning the Journey


What Is Inquiry?

The Learner as Knowledge Generator

Drawing on Values and Passion

Your Journey into Systematic Inquiry

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2. Ways of Knowing: Finding a Compass

Ways of Knowing

Fundamental Assumptions

Mapping Perspectives

Back to Ontology and Epistemology

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3. The Cycle of Inquiry: More Than One Way to Get There

Inquiry in Action/Inquiry as Practice

The Systematic Inquiry Cycle

Validity, Credibility, and Trustworthiness

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4. Being an Ethical Inquirer: Staying Alert on the Road

Ethics in Inquiry

The Inquirer as a Moral Practitioner

Standards for Practice and Procedural Matters

Ethics, Trustworthiness, and Rigor

Ethical Theories

Ethics and Reflexivity

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5. Constructing Conceptual Frameworks: Building the Route

What Is a Conceptual Framework?

Building an Argument

Entering the Conversation: Your Community of Practice

Entering the Conversation: Your Engagement

Entering the Conversation: The Communities of Discourse

Ways of Organizing

Chapter Summary

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6. Designing the Inquiry Project: Finding “True North”

Moving from the Conceptual Framework into Design

Considering Various Designs

Samira’s Research Questions and Possible Designs

A Short Course on Research Methods

Planning for Analysis and Interpretation

The Research Proposal: Bringing it All Together

An Example of Connecting the What and the How

Chapter Summary

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7. Things to Consider in Writing: Staying in the Right Lane

Writing Introductions

The Nasty Problem of Plagiarism

Using Proper Citation Format

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8. Knowledge Use: Arriving at Your Destination

Using What You have Learned

Who Cares?: Potential Audiences

Communicating for Use

Passions and Closing the Loop

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