The Social Psychology of Stigma

Edited by Todd F. Heatherton, Robert E. Kleck, Michelle R. Hebl, and Jay G. Hull

July 16, 2003
ISBN 9781572309425
Price: $55.00
450 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2000

1. Stigma: Introduction and Overview, Dovidio, Major, and Crocker

I. The Perceiver

2. Why People Stigmatize: Toward a Biocultural Framework, Neuberg, D. M. Smith, and Asher

3. Threat and the Social Construction of Stigma, Stangor and Crandall

4. Stigma and Stereotypes, Biernat and Dovidio

5. Ideology and Lay Theories of Stigma: The Justification of Stigmatization, Crandall

II. The Stigmatized

6. Social Stigma and the Self: Meanings, Situations, and Self-Esteem, Crocker and Quinn

7. The Looking-Glass Self Revisited: Behavior Choice and Self-Perception in the Social Token, Cioffi

8. The Hidden Costs of Hidden Stigma, Smart and Wegner

9. Coping with Stigma and Prejudice, Miller and Major

III. The Social Interface

10. Awkward Moments in Interactions between Nonstigmatized and Stigmatized Individuals, Hebl, Tickle, and Heatherton

11. Stigma, Threat, and Social Interactions, Blascovich, Mendes, Hunter, and Lickel

12. "Too Young, Too Old": Stigmatizing Adolescents and Elders, Zebrowitz and Montepare

13. Stigma and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Jussim, Palumbo, Chatman, Madon, and A. Smith

14. The Social Consequences of Physical Disability, Hebl and Kleck