The Trauma Recovery Group

A Guide for Practitioners

Michaela Mendelsohn, Judith Lewis Herman, Emily Schatzow, Melissa Coco, Diya Kallivayalil, and Jocelyn Levitan

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February 16, 2011
ISBN 9781609180577
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193 Pages
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June 14, 2011
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193 Pages
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1. Interpersonal Violence and Trauma Recovery

2. Overview of the Trauma Recovery Group

3. Initial Preparations and Member Screening

4. The Introductory Phase

5. Goal-Work Sessions

6. The Concluding Phase

7. Supervision

8. Adaptations and Applications

9. Outcome Research on the Trauma Recovery Group

Appendix A. Sample Recruitment Flyer for Clients

Appendix B. Sample Recruitment Flyer for Clinicians

Appendix C. Telephone Prescreening and Tracking Tool

Appendix D. Screening Interview Checklist

Appendix E.: Guide for Collateral Contact with the Client’s Individual Therapist

Appendix F. Trauma Recovery Group Guidelines

Appendix G. Co-leader’s Group Tracking Notes for Supervisory Meetings

Appendix H. Time-Taking Tracking Tool

Appendix I. Member’s Concluding Exercise Preparation

Appendix J. Supervisor's Tracking Tool