Journal of Systemic Therapies

Edited by Jim Duvall, MEd
JST Institute, Galveston Island, TX

ISSN: 11954396
Volume 40, 2021
Issues Per Year: 4

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“One of the most exciting publications in the field today. It offers effective, alternative solutions to therapy issues of immediate concern. Perhaps most important, the journal presents a great deal of case material from working therapists that clinicians will find to be of immediate usefulness in their work.”

—Evan Imber-Black, PhD

“JST is a wonderful resource for marriage and family therapy (MFT) course instruction. Being topic-focused, the journal provides depth and breadth for MFT students seeking information on specific practice areas and issues. It is a 'must' for all MFT training programs.”

—Volker Thomas, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, Department of Child Development and Family Studies, Purdue University