Acute Stress Disorder

What It Is and How to Treat It

Richard A. Bryant

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March 30, 2016
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March 1, 2016
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Theoretical and Empirical Issues

1. Lessons from the Past

2. Diagnosis of Acute Stress Disorder

3. Acute Stress Disorder in DSM-5

4. Do Initial Reactions Predict Long-Term Reactions?

5. Biology of Acute Stress Reactions

6. Cognitive Features of Acute Stress Reactions

II. Assessment

7. Assessing Acute Stress Reactions

III. Treatment

8. What about Psychological Debriefing?

9. An Overview of Treatment for Acute Stress Disorder

10. How to Treat Acute Stress Disorder

11. Challenges to Treating Acute Stress Disorder

IV. Special Considerations

12. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

13. Working with Military Personnel and First Responders

14. Acute Stress Disorder in Children

15. Acute Stress Disorder and the Law

16. Concluding Comments

V. Appendices

Acute Stress Disorder Structured Interview–5

Acute Stress Disorder Scale–5

Prolonged Exposure Monitoring Form

Thought Record Form

Trauma Hierarchy Form

In Vivo Exposure Form