Attachment Processes in Couple and Family Therapy

Edited by Susan M. Johnson and Valerie E. Whiffen

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June 9, 2003
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I. Relevance of Attachment Theory for Clinical Practice

1. Introduction to Attachment: A Therapist's Guide to Primary Relationships and Their Renewal, Susan M. Johnson

2. Adult Attachment Theory, Psychodynamics, and Couple Relationships: An Overview, Dory A. Schachner, Phillip R. Shaver, and Mario Mikulincer

3. The Essential Nature of Couple Relationships, Cindy Hazan

4. Stability and Change of Attachment Representations from Cradle to Grave, Elaine Scharfe

5. Alternate Pathways to Competence: Culture and Early Attachment Relationships, Vivian J. Carlson and Robin L. Harwood

II. Models of Clinical Intervention

6. Attachment Theory: A Guide for Couple Therapy, Susan M. Johnson

7. Attachment Processes in Couple Therapy: Informing Behavioral Models, Joanne Davila

8. Caring for the Caregiver: An Attachment Approach to Assessment and Treatment of Child Problems, Roger Kobak and Toni Mandelbaum

9. Creating and Repairing Attachments in Biological, Foster, and Adoptive Families, Terry M. Levy and Michael Orlans

10. Attachment-Based Family Therapy for Depressed Adolescents: Repairing Attachment Failures, Guy S. Diamond and Richard S. Stern

III. Using an Attachment Perspective in Interventions with Particular Populations

11. The First Couple: Using Watch, Wait, and Wonder to Change Troubled Infant-Mother Relationships, Nancy J. Cohen, Elisabeth Muir, and Mirek Lojkasek

12. The Journey of Adolescence: Transitions in Self within the Context of Attachment Relationships, Marlene M. Moretti and Roy Holland

13. Implications of Adult Attachment for Preventing Adverse Marital Outcomes, Rebecca J. Cobb and Thomas N. Bradbury

14. Attachment in Later Life: Implications for Intervention with Older Adults, J. Michael Bradley and Gail Palmer

15. Using an Attachment-Based Intervention with Same-Sex Couples, Gordon J. Josephson

IV. Specific Attachment Interventions for Particular Problems

16. Looking Outward Together: Adult Attachment and Childbearing Depression, Valerie E. Whiffen

17. Understanding the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse History on Current Couple Relationships: An Attachment Perspective, Pamela C. Alexander

18. Attachment and the Experience of Chronic Pain: A Couples Perspective, Samuel F. Mikail

V. Conclusion

19. What Attachment Theory Can Offer Marital and Family Therapists, Valerie E. Whiffen