Attachment Theory Expanded

Security Dynamics in Individuals, Dyads, Groups, and Societies

Mario Mikulincer and Phillip R. Shaver

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July 24, 2023
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July 18, 2023
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I. Attachment Theory: Its Original Version and Our Expansion of It

1. Attachment Theory and Security Dynamics

2. An Outline of the Expanded Theory sample

3. The Expanded Theory in Relation to Other Social-Psychological Theories

II. Seeking and Attaining Felt Security: The Distress-Relief Cycle Involving Proximity Seeking and Others’ Responsiveness

4. Facing Threats and Challenges: Seeking a Safe Haven and Secure Base for Exploration

5. A Cost of Becoming Attached: Facing the Threat of Attachment-Figure Unavailability

6. Feeling Protected and Supported: Calming and Empowering Effects

7. Feeling Protected and Supported: Security-Enhancing Effects

III. Intrapersonal, Relational, and Societal Implications of Attaining or Failing to Attain Security

8. The Broaden-and-Build Effects of Felt Security: Resilience, Subjective Well-Being, and Mental Health

9. The Broaden-and-Build Effects of Felt Security: Mature, Other-Oriented Love

10. The Broaden-and-Build Effects of Felt Security: Personal Growth and Autonomous Relatedness

11. Thwarted Security and the Development of Anxious and Avoidant Patterns of Self-Regulation and Relating

IV. Epilogue

12. Wrapping Up, Taking Stock