The Fundamental Questions

Edited by Ross A. Thompson, Jeffry A. Simpson, and Lisa J. Berlin

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April 23, 2021
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April 23, 2021
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1. Attachment Theory in the Twenty-First Century: Introduction to the Volume, Ross A. Thompson, Jeffry A. Simpson, & Lisa J. Berlin

- TOPIC 1: Defining Attachment and Attachment Security

2. Attachment as a Relationship Construct, L. Alan Sroufe

3. What Kinds of Relationships Count as Attachment Relationships?, R. Pasco Fearon & Carlo Schuengel

4. Attachment to Child Care Providers, Lieselotte Ahnert

5. Defining Attachment Relationships and Attachment Security from a Personality–Social Perspective on Adult Attachment, Phillip R. Shaver & Mario Mikulincer

6. The Nature and Developmental Origins of Attachment Security in Adulthood, Deborah Jacobvitz & Nancy Hazen

7. Casting a Wider Net: Parents, Pair Bonds, and Other Attachment Partners in Adulthood, Ashleigh I. Aviles & Debra Zeifman sample

- TOPIC 2: Measuring the Security of Attachment

8. Categorical Assessments of Attachment: On the Ontological Relevance of Group Membership, Howard Steele & Miriam Steele

9. Categorical or Dimensional Measures of Attachment?: Insights from Factor Analytic and Taxometric Research, K. Lee Raby, R. Chris Fraley, & Glenn I. Roisman

10. Representational Measures of Attachment: A Secure Base Script Perspective, Theodore Waters

11. Measuring the Security of Attachment in Adults: Narrative Assessments and Self-Report Questionnaires, Judith A. Crowell

12. Priming Approaches, Omri Gillath & Ting Ai

- TOPIC 3: The Nature and Function of Internal Working Models

13. In the Service of Protection from Threat: Attachment and Internal Working Models, Jude Cassidy

14. From Internal Working Models to Script-Like Attachment Representations, Harriet S. Waters, Theodore E. A. Waters, & Everett Waters

15. Parental Insightfulness and Parent–Child Emotion Dialogues: Shaping Children's Internal Working Models, David Oppenheim & Nina Koren-Karie

16. Internal Working Models as Developing Representations, Ross A. Thompson

17. A Functional Account of Multiple Internal Working Models: Flexibility in Ranking, Structure and Content across Contexts and Time, Yuthika U. Girme & Nickola C. Overall

- TOPIC 4: Stability and Change in the Security of Attachment

18. The Consistency of Attachment Security across Time and Relationships, R. Chris Fraley & Keely A. Dugan

19. Stability and Change in Attachment Security, Cathryn Booth-LaForce & Glenn I. Roisman

20. Beyond Stability: Toward Understanding the Development of Attachment beyond Childhood, Joseph Allen

21. Stability and Change in Adult Romantic Relationship Attachment Styles, Ramona L. Paetzold, W. Steven Rholes, & Tiffany George

22. Change in Adult Attachment Insecurity from an Interdependence Theory Perspective, Ximena B. Arriaga & Madoka Kumashiro

- TOPIC 5: The Continuing Influence of Early Attachment

23. The Legacy of Early Attachments: Past, Present, Future, Glenn I. Roisman & Ashley M. Groh

24. Attachment Security and Disorganization: Etched on the Brain?, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Anne Tharner, & Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

25. Early Attachment and Later Physical Health, Katie B. Ehrlich & Jude Cassidy

26. The Continuing Influence of Early Attachment Orientations Viewed from a Personality–Social Perspective on Adult Attachment, Mario Mikulincer & Philip R. Shaver

27. Early Attachment from the Perspective of Life History Theory, Ohad Szepsenwol & Jeffry A. Simpson

- TOPIC 6: Culture and Attachment

28. Attachment Theory: Fact or Fancy?, Heidi Keller

29. Pluralities and Commonalities in Children's Relationships: Care of Efe Forager Infants as a Case Study, Gilda Morelli & Linxi Lu

30. Attachment Theory's Universality Claims: Asking Different Questions, Judi Mesman

31. Attachment in the Context of Human Adaptation, James Chisholm

- TOPIC 7: Separation and Loss

32. Losing a Parent in Early Childhood: The Impact of Disrupted Attachment, Ann Chu & Alicia F. Lieberman

33. Attachment, Loss, and Grief Viewed from a Personality–Social Perspective on Adult Attachment, Philip R. Shaver & Mario Mikulincer

34. The Psychological and Biological Correlates of Separation and Loss, David A. Sbarra & Antina Manvelian

35. Breaking the Marital Ties That Bind: Divorce from a Spousal Attachment Figure, Brooke C. Feeney & Joan K. Moin

36. Normal and Pathological Mourning: Attachment Processes in the Development of Prolonged Grief, Fiona Maccallum

- TOPIC 8: Attachment-Based interventions

37. Attachment-Based Interventions to Promote Secure Attachment in Children, Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg & Mirjam Oosterman

38. Mechanisms of Attachment-Based Intervention Effects on Child Outcomes, Mary Dozier & Kristin Bernard

39. Attachment-Based Intervention Processes in Disordered Parent–Child Relationships, Sheree L. Toth, Michelle E. Alto, & Jennifer Warmingham

40. Therapeutic Mechanisms in Attachment-Informed Psychotherapy with Adults, Alessandro Talia & Jeremy Holmes

41. Attachment Principles as a Guide to Therapeutic Change: The Example of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Susan M. Johnson

- TOPIC 9: Attachment, Systems, and Services

42. Attachment and Child Care, Margaret Tresch Owen & Cynthia A. Frosch

43. Attachment and Early Childhood Education Systems in the United States, Bridget K. Hamre & Amanda P. Williford

44. An Attachment Theory Approach to Parental Separation, Divorce, and Child Custody, Michael E. Lamb

45. Attachment and Child Protective Systems, Jody Todd Manly, Anna Smith, Sheree L. Toth, & Dante Cicchetti

46. Attachment and Foster Care, Charles H. Zeanah & Mary Dozier

47. Attachment and Early Home Visiting: Toward a More Perfect Union, Lisa J. Berlin, Allison West, & Brenda Jones Harden

48. Concluding Commentary: Assembling the Puzzle—Interlocking Pieces, Missing Pieces, and the Emerging Picture, Ross A. Thompson, Lisa J. Berlin, & Jeffry A. Simpson

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