Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Adolescents

Nature, Assessment, and Treatment

Edited by David A. Wolfe and Eric J. Mash

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November 29, 2005
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“The book is systematic, well laid out, and east to use and espouses an evidence-based model of adolescent mental health....Throughout, good summaries of recent quantitative research and theories are presented along with useful diagrams and models. Current controversies and issues are given space and social factors and their impact are considered....The book can provide comprehensive, theoretical and research-based information about particular mental health problems in adolescence, even for those who have little or no background knowledge.”

Counselling Children and Young People

“This excellent text edited by Wolfe and Mash brings the study of adolescent disorders to the forefront, by presenting the extant research on both assessment and treatment of behavioral and emotional difficulties in adolescence. This unique and well-organized text includes contributions from leading authorities in the field of adolescent psychopathology....This outstanding volume covers a range of behavioral and emotional disorders among adolescents. The authors provide pertinent information on assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and intervention, and they follow an integrative framework to conceptualize each disorder....Most of the authors in this text think creatively and outline ways the existing research can effectively inform the directions of future research. This well-written text covers a vast amount of empirically-based information and it should serve as a valuable resource for health professionals working with adolescents in medical centers, private practice, academic, and school settings. Furthermore, doctors specializing in pediatrics and family medicine could also benefit greatly from this text. Finally, this volume could be extremely useful for adolescent psychopathology courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Book Reviews

“I am grateful to the authors for their timely, well-researched, and cohesive text....I really like this book. The authors have done a remarkable job of putting together a thought-provoking text that is a genuine contribution to helping all of us understand the complex, fast-changing world of adolescence.”


“Unlike problems of early childhood, adolescent problems are frequently seen as already 'fixed' and too late to change. This volume repeatedly challenges this misconception. Key experts in the field thoroughly address current research on prevalent adolescent disorders and evaluate the evidence base for existing interventions. Going beyond typical texts, the chapters deal with how development and health interact over time to present both challenges and opportunities for change at this pivotal life stage. This is an excellent text for courses in adolescent psychopathology and abnormal psychology, particularly as it takes cutting-edge research concerns and grounds them effectively in existing knowledge.”

—Bonnie Leadbeater, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Victoria, Canada

“Wolfe and Mash bring their professional and editorial expertise to this superb handbook. Within an integrative biopsychosocial framework, the outstanding contributors provide comprehensive coverage of adolescent disorders and interventions. Chapters effectively describe the state of knowledge about this unique and challenging period of development. This volume is a tour de force that is exceptionally grounded in research and well written for students as well as for fledgling and seasoned professionals.”

—Michael C. Roberts, PhD, Clinical Child Psychology Program, University of Kansas

“A scholarly, evidence-based, and up-to-date work. Written by a virtual 'who's who' of experts on adolescent mental health, each chapter reviews the latest research in a manner that is simultaneously accessible and practical. I highly recommend this book for students, practitioners, and researchers.”

—Robert E. Emery, PhD, Center for Children, Families, and the Law, and Department of Psychology, University of Virginia

“Knowledge and interest in psychopathology during adolescence is exploding, and this timely volume provides an excellent overview of this rapidly growing field. Chapters by a stellar group of authors systematically address state-of-the-art science and practice for a wide array of specific disorders and behavioral health problems faced by adolescents and their families and communities. An invaluable resource for clinicians, scholars, educators, and advanced students in diverse behavioral health disciplines.”

—Ann S. Masten, PhD, Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

“Until fairly recently, adolescence was a relatively neglected period in developmental and clinical research: scholars tended to 'infer up' from childhood or 'infer down' from adulthood. This volume testifies to the changing state of the field. Its depth and breadth suggest that research on adolescent psychopathology and treatment has at last come of age. Wolfe and Mash have assembled an impressive group of experts in this excellent reference for developing and seasoned professionals alike. Would be a good choice as a text for graduate courses in adolescent psychopathology and treatment.”

—Sharon L. Foster, PhD, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University