Book Buddies

Second Edition
A Tutoring Framework for Struggling Readers

Francine R. Johnston, Marcia Invernizzi, Connie Juel, and Donna Lewis-Wagner

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A Paperback Original
August 25, 2009
ISBN 9781606233085
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210 Pages
Size: 8" x 10½"
July 21, 2016
Price: $39.00 $29.25
210 Pages
print + e-book
A Paperback Original + e-Book (PDF) ?
Price: $78.00 $42.90
210 Pages

A new edition will be published February 17, 2021.
This popular, practical resource provides guidelines for setting up a successful tutorial program in grades K-3 and presents a field-tested lesson format for individualized instruction. Clear explanations and examples demonstrate how to use the book's wealth of activities and exercises to assess students and build specific reading, writing, and spelling skills. Adding greatly to the second edition's utility is an included 70-minute DVD depicting sample sessions with a beginning reader and a late beginning reader. (E-book purchasers do not receive a DVD but can view the videos online.) Also included are a helpful glossary, a resource list, and more than two dozen reproducible tutoring tools.

New to This Edition
  • Videos of sample tutoring sessions—the print book comes with a DVD; e-book purchasers can access the videos online.
  • Reflects current research, the authors' ongoing experience in Book Buddies programs, and tutor feedback.
  • Recommendations for working with English language learners have been added throughout.
  • A chapter on transitional readers offers a tutoring plan for children reading at the first-grade level and beyond.
  • Many of the figures and lesson plans are new or revised.

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