Breaking Murphy's Law

How Optimists Get What They Want from Life - and Pessimists Can Too

Suzanne C. Segerstrom

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September 1, 2007
ISBN 9781593855925
Price: $14.95
232 Pages
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Copyright Date: 2006
March 18, 2011
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Price: $14.95
232 Pages
Copyright Date: 2006
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232 Pages
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Prologue: Stop Trying to Be So Happy

1. Glass Half Full, Glass Half Empty, or Glass That Needs to Be Washed?: The Optimistic Character

2. The Persistence Instinct: Optimists and Their Goals

3. Building (and Rebuilding) for the Future: Optimists and Their Resources

4. So Happy Together: Optimists and Their Relationships

5. Mixed Blessing: Optimists and Their Health

6. Everything Good, Especially the Bad: Optimists and Their Vulnerabilities

7. Is an Optimist Born or Made?: The Optimistic Character Revisited

8. Doing Optimism: Optimists, Pessimists, and Their Potential for Change

Epilogue: Confessions of a Reluctant Optimist