Breaking Murphy's Law

How Optimists Get What They Want from Life - and Pessimists Can Too

Suzanne C. Segerstrom

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September 1, 2007
ISBN 9781593855925
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232 Pages
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Copyright Date: 2006
March 18, 2011
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Price: $14.95
232 Pages
Copyright Date: 2006
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232 Pages
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“The book imparts the lessons of years of research on optimism with humor, thoughtfulness, and a convincing amount of evidence that is possible to break 'Murphy's Law' through optimistic expectations....Breaking Murphy's Law demonstrates that merely believing more positively will not lead to greater well-being and life satisfaction. Rather, success and happiness lie in the persistent motivational strategies that optimists adopt.”




“Segerstrom backs up her words with tons of scientific research...She lightens it with humor in unexpected places, and makes a compelling argument.”


“This is a knowledgeable and witty book that delivers the science of optimism in an informed and accessible manner. Dr. Segerstrom is a master of the area, combining expertise in mental health with sophisticated biological knowledge and the practical bent that makes the information useful for getting around the roadblocks of day-to-day life.”

—Shelley E. Taylor, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles; author of Positive Illusions

“The message in this book contradicts many popular myths and is based on the scientific study of optimism. Dr. Segerstrom shows us ways to change our lives to become healthier and more fulfilled. In a world awash with misinformed pop psychology, this scientific recipe for the good life is a breath of fresh air.”

—Alan Carr, PhD, School of Psychology, University College Dublin, Ireland; author of Positive Psychology

“Suzanne Segerstrom is a rising star in the new science of positive psychology, and this book shows why. Written in very accessible and engaging prose, it integrates shrewd insights with the latest research findings on the healing power of optimism. Dr. Segerstrom gets to the bottom of optimism and demonstrates why it is good for our bodies and minds. Hard work, personal action, and positive outcomes: a science-based recipe for success.”

—Robert A. Emmons, PhD, coauthor of Words of Gratitude for Mind, Body, and Soul; Department of Psychology, University of California, Davis