Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Suicide Prevention

Craig J. Bryan and M. David Rudd

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August 16, 2018
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I. Background and Conceptual Foundation

1. Why Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to Prevent Suicide?

2. Conceptualizing Suicide: The Suicidal Mode

3. Core Principles of Treatment with Suicidal Patients

4. Suicide Risk Assessment and Its Documentation

5. Monitoring Treatment Progress

6. An Overview of Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

II. The First Session

7. Describing the Structure of Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

8. Narrative Assessment

9. Treatment Log and Case Conceptualization

10. Crisis Response Plan

III. Phase One: Emotion Regulation and Crisis Management

11. Treatment Planning and Commitment to Treatment Statement

12. Means Safety Counseling and Crisis Support Plan

13. Targeting Sleep Disturbance

14. Relaxation and Mindfulness Skills Training

15. Reasons for Living List and Survival Kit

IV. Phase Two: Undermining the Suicidal Belief System

16. ABC Worksheets

17. Challenging Questions Worksheets

18. Patterns of Problematic Thinking Worksheets

19. Activity Planning and Coping Cards

V. Phase III: Relapse Prevention

20. Relapse Prevention Task and Ending Treatment

Appendix A. Patient Forms and Handouts

A1. The Suicidal Mode

A2. Patient Information Sheet about Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (BCBT) to Prevent Suicide Attempts

A3. Treatment Plan Template

A4. Commitment to Treatment Statement

A5. Means Safety Plan

A6. Crisis Support Plan

A7. Improving Your Sleep Handout

A8. ABC Worksheet

A9. Challenging Questions Worksheet

A10. Patterns of Problematic Thinking Worksheet

Appendix B. Clinician Tools

B1. Fidelity Checklists

B2. Suicide Risk Assessment Documentation Template

B3. Crisis Response Plan Template

B4. Possible Warning Signs

B5. Common Self-Management Strategies

B6. Relaxation Script

B7. Mindfulness Script