Case Studies in Organizational Communication 2

Second Edition
Perspectives on Contemporary Work Life

Edited by Beverly Davenport Sypher

May 10, 1997
ISBN 9781572302082
Price: $59.00
403 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

Introduction, Sypher

1. Making Sense out of Creativity and Constraints, Sypher, Shuler, and Whitten

2. Conflict and Communication in a Research and Development Unit, O'Keefe, Lambert and Lambert

3. Vocabularies of Motives in a Crisis of Academic Leadership, Allen and Tompkins

4. The Negotiation of Values in the Mondragón Worker-Cooperative Complex under Pressure, Cheney

5. The Trials and Tribulations of Human Service Work, Miller

6. Disciplining a Teammate, Barker

7. The Utilization of Employee Assistance Programs at the Harding Company, Maxloff

8. Reengineering at LAC, Krikorian, Seibold and Goode

9. Negotiating a Japanese Buyout of a U.S. Company, Kleinberg

10. A Conflict in Mission in a Human Service Organization, Ray

11. The Business Concept and Managerial Control in Knowledge-Intensive Work, Deetz

12. The Politics of Information Systems, Contractor and O'Keefe

13. Information and Organizational Development, Kreps

14. Dealing with Office Rumors, Politics, and Total Quality Management, Wilhelm and Fairhurst

15. The Public Electronic Network, Rogers and Allbritton

16. Interorganizational Diffusion, Dearing

17. Integrating Electronic Communication at Texaco, DeSanctis, Jackson, Poole, and Dickson

18. Using Technology to Bring Healthcare to Rural Areas, Whitten

19. Attempting to Improve Employee Morale at Weaver Street Market, Zorn

20. The Case of the U.S. Navy's Tailhook Scandal, Violanti

21. Sexual Harassment on the Menu, Bingham

22. Case Studies in Reconstructing Identities at the End of the Organizational Age, Goodall and Eisenberg