Clinical Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview

Edited by Howard Steele and Miriam Steele
Foreword by June Sroufe
Afterword by Deborah Jacobvitz

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March 3, 2008
ISBN 9781593856960
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501 Pages
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November 1, 2013
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“This book provides a thorough introduction to the instrument, its coding, and classification system. But its main contribution is the way in which it brings together leading experts in the field to present research findings and case material to show how the AAI can systematically be used in assessment and diagnosis, to design and tailor interventions, to facilitate goal setting and treatment planning, to inform and strengthen the therapeutic alliance, and to monitor therapeutic progress....[A] timely, well-presented, and valuable book, every chapter of which provides illuminating insights and evidence of the range and depth of the AAI's multiple uses. It should be of considerable interest to clinicians and practitioners from all disciplines, as well as to researchers, and students.”

British Journal of Psychiatry

“Because the AAI is such a pervasive technique for conducting attachment research and understanding attachment relationships, this detailed volume is worthwhile for any practitioner interested in applying the theory of attachment.”

EABP Newsletter

“Steele and Steele have brought together a really valuable set of data and ideas concerning the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), one of the more intriguing and powerful clinical and research tools available in psychology. The book stands out as a serious and ambitious attempt to translate the AAI—and attachment theory more broadly—to multiple clinical contexts. Chapters are written by leading clinicians and scientists, and each is focused and thoughtful, showing, for example, how the AAI informs case conceptualization in individual treatment. This volume deserves to be widely read. It is highly accessible for those just beginning to apply attachment theory to research and practice, but there is also enough that is new to please experienced fans of the AAI.”

—Thomas G. O'Connor, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center

“Exceptionally coherent and immensely helpful, this book comprehensively reviews how the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) can be used to guide clinical work in a range of high-priority contexts. This remarkable instrument, which has more than proved itself in the developmental laboratory, also turns out to be a marvelous and versatile tool in the hands of the creative clinician. An essential book for all those who work with children and adults.”

—Peter Fonagy, OBE, FMedSci, FBA, FAcSS, Head, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London, United Kingdom; Chief Executive, Anna Freud Centre

“This impressive volume reports novel theoretical insights and clinical practices inspired by the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI). The authors use groundbreaking empirical studies, illustrated with fascinating and emotionally moving case examples, to show how AAI-related interventions help troubled, disadvantaged parents and children. The book illustrates beautifully how science and society benefit from a coherent integration of profound theory, clinical creativity, and ambitious but careful research. It is highly relevant to researchers, clinicians, and child welfare policymakers, as well as advanced students in psychology, psychiatry, social work, social policy, and related fields.”

—Phillip R. Shaver, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California, Davis