Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies in Crisis Intervention

Third Edition

Edited by Frank M. Dattilio and Arthur Freeman
Foreword by Aaron T. Beck

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July 24, 2007
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Foreword, Aaron T. Beck

1. Introduction, Frank M. Dattilio and Arthur Freeman

I. Psychological Crises

2. Depression and Suicide, Mark A. Reinecke, Jason J. Washburn, and Emily Becker-Weidman

3. Panic Disorder, Frank M. Dattilio and Philip C. Kendall

4. Crisis Intervention Strategies for Treating Law Enforcement and Mental Health Professionals, Laurence Miller

5. The Crisis-Prone Patient: The High-Arousal Cluster B Personality Disorders, Gina M. Fusco and Arthur Freeman

II. Medically Related Crises

6. Traumatic Brain Injury, Mary R. Hibbard, Wayne A. Gordon, and Lynne Kothera

7. Substance Misuse and Dependency: Crisis as Process or Outcome, Sharon Morgillo Freeman and Misti Storie

8. Crisis with Medical Patients, Frank M. Dattilio, Elizabeth A. Davis, and Robert M. Goisman

9. Acute and Chronic Pain, Sharon Morgillo Freeman

III. Child and Family Crises

10. Child Sexual Abuse, Anne Hope Heflin and Esther Deblinger

11. Spousal Abuse, L. Kevin Hamberger and Amy Holtzworth-Munroe

12. Couple Problems, Stephen E. Schlesinger and Norman B. Epstein

13. Families in Crisis, Frank M. Dattilio

14. Anger and Aggression in Children and Adolescents, Arthur Freeman and Stephen Timchack

15. Crisis with Older Adults, Helen M. DeVries and Suzann M. Ogland-Hand

IV. Environmental and Situational Crises

16. Disaster Trauma, Lata K. McGinn and Carrie Spindel

17. Terrorism, Stevan E. Hobfoll, Tamar Galai-Gat, Dawn M. Johnson, and Patricia J. Watson

18. Problem Solving in Crisis Intervention, Joop J. Meijers

19. Rape Trauma, Elizabeth Muran

20. Traumatic Stress Disorders, Laurence Miller

V. General Issues in Crisis Work

21. Legal and Ethical Issues in Crisis Intervention, Leon VandeCreek and Samuel Knapp