Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention

Second Edition

Edited by Michael I. Posner

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November 3, 2011
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1. Progress in Attention Research, Michael I. Posner

I. Cognitive Science

2. On the Modes and Domains of Attention, Raymond M. Klein and Michael A. Lawrence

3. Boolean Map Approach to Visual Attention, Liqiang Huang and Harold Pashler

4. Symbolic and Connectionist Models of Attention, Hongbin Wang, Xun Liu, and Jin Fan

5. Models of Visual Search: From Abstract Function to Biological Constraint, Glyn W. Humphreys and Eirini Mavritsaki

6. Inhibitory Mechanisms in the Attentional Networks: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Luis J. Fuentes, Ana B. Vivas, Linda K. Langley, Qi Chen, and Carmen González-Salinas

7. Dynamic Cognitive Control and Frontal–Cingulate Interactions, Cameron S. Carter and Marie K. Krug

8. Discrete Resource Limits in Attention and Working Memory, Edward F. Ester, Edward K. Vogel, and Edward Awh

II. Imaging

9. Two Attentional Networks: Identification and Function within a Larger Cognitive Architecture, Gordon L. Shulman and Maurizio Corbetta

10. Clutter and Attention in Multivoxel Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Leila Reddy and Nancy Kanwisher

11. A Frontoparietal Attention System in Human and Monkey Brain: Constructing and Assembling the Fragments of Thought and Behavior, John Duncan and Tom Manly

12. Nervous Anticipation: Top-Down Biasing across Space and Time, Anna C. Nobre, Gustavo Rohenkohl, and Mark G. Stokes

13. Microstructural Properties of White Matter Tracts Are Linked to the Efficiency of Specific Attention Networks, Bruce D. McCandliss

14. Tracking the Allocation of Attention in Visual Scenes with Steady-State Evoked Potentials, Søren K. Andersen, Matthias M. Müller, and Steven A. Hillyard

III. Neuroscience

15. Using Nonhuman Primates to Study the Micro- and Macro-Dynamics of Neural Mechanisms of Attention, Geoffrey F. Woodman and Charles E. Schroeder

16. Top-Down Control of Attention by Rhythmic Neural Computations, Earl K. Miller and Timothy J. Buschman

17. Neural Mechanisms of Saccade Target Selection: Evidence for a Stage Theory of Attention and Action, Jeffrey D. Schall and Kirk G. Thompson

18. Neural Circuits Controlling Visual Attention, Tirin Moore, Brittany Burrows, Katherine M. Armstrong, Robert J. Schafer, and Mindy H. Chang

19. Attentional Modulation of the Firing Patterns of Hippocampal Neurons, David Clayton Rowland and Clifford George Kentros

IV. Development

20. Resting State Studies on the Development of Control Systems, Damien A. Fair, Nico U.F. Dosenbach, Steven E. Petersen, and Bradley L. Schlaggar

21. Development of Error Detection, Andrea Berger, Chananel Buchman, and Tamar Green-Bleier

22. Attentional Control and Emotion Regulation in Early Development, Martha Ann Bell and Susan D. Calkins

23. Development of Temperament and Attention: Behavioral Genetic Approaches, Kirby Deater-Deckard and Zhe Wang

V. Deficits and Interventions

24. Typical and Atypical Development of Attention, B J. Casey and Megan Riddle

25. “Abstraction of Mind”: Attention in Autism, Jeanne Townsend, Brandon Keehn, and Marissa Westerfield

26. Cingulate–Frontal–Parietal Function in Health and Disease, George Bush

27. Understanding Attention through Evolutionary and Epidemiological Genetics: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder as an Extreme Phenotypic Variant, Mauricio Arcos-Burgos and Maximilian Muenke

28. Action Control in Times of Conflict: Analysis of Reaction Time Distributions in Healthy and Clinical Populations, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Wery P. M. van den Wildenberg, and Scott A. Wylie

29. Early Selective Attention Abnormalities in Psychopathy: Implications for Self-Regulation, Joseph P. Newman and Arielle R. Baskin-Sommers

30. Attentional Impairments in Children with Chromosome 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, Tony J. Simon and Steven J. Luck

31. Training the Brain: Nonpharmacological Approaches to Stimulating Cognitive Plasticity, Redmond G. O’Connell and Ian H. Robertson

32. Training of Working Memory and Attention, Torkel Klingberg