Design-Based Research in Education

Theory and Applications

Edited by Zoi A. Philippakos, Emily Howell, and Anthony Pellegrino
Foreword by David Reinking

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September 30, 2021
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I. Understanding Design-Based Research

1. Design-Based Research in Educational Settings: Motivations, Crosscutting Features, and Considerations for Design, Melissa Campanella & William R. Penuel sample

2. Addressing Publication Challenges in Design-Based Research, Margret Hjalmarson, Allison Ward Parsons, Seth A. Parsons, & Amy C. Hutchison

II. Design-Based Research and Curriculum Development

3. Combining Curriculum and Teacher Development through Design Research, Jan van den Akker & Nienke Nieveen

4. Curriculum Development in Science, Kalle Juuti & Jari Lavonen

5. Classroom Design-Based Research: Designing for Proportional Reasoning in Mathematics Education, Michelle Stephan

6. Curriculum Development of Reading and Writing in the Middle Grades, Zoi A. Philippakos & Charles A. MacArthur

III. Design-Based Research and Specific Applications

7. Literacy Is Transformative: Secondary Reading Interventions Using Design-Based Research, Alejandro Gonzalez, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, & Diane Lapp

8. Collaborative Design to Support Digital Literacies across the Curriculum, Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Sharon Dotger, Kathleen A. Hinchman, Heather Waymouth, & Keith O. Newvine

9. Multilingual Students and Design-Based Research: Developing Opportunities in Partnerships, Ryan McCarty, Tim Pappageorge, & Claudia Rueda-Alvarez

10. Using Design-Based Research to Develop a Formative Assessment Tool, Kristi Tamte Bergeson

IV. Design-Based Research and Teacher-Researchers

11. Professional Development on Genre-Based Strategy Instruction on Writing, Zoi A. Philippakos

12. Improving Disciplinary Literacy Teaching: A Formative Experiment Exploring Professional Development in Disciplinary Settings, Phillip Wilder, Emily Howell, Lorraine Jacques, Susan Cridland-Hughes, & Mary-Celeste Schreuder

13. Purposeful Clinical Practices in Teacher Preparation through Design-Based Research, Anthony Pellegrino

14. Graduate Students Writing Design-Based Research Dissertations, Susan McKenney & Thomas Reeves

15. Fostering Techno-Mathematical Literacies in Higher Technical Education: Reflections on Challenges and Successes of Design-Based Implementation Research, Nathalie J. van der Wal, Arthur Bakker, Albert Moes, & Paul Drijvers