Elementary Statistics for Geographers

Third Edition

James E. Burt, Gerald M. Barber, and David L. Rigby

March 19, 2009
ISBN 9781572304840
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653 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"

I. Introduction

1. Statistics and Geography

II. Descriptive Statistics

2. Displaying and Interpreting Data

3. Describing Data with Statistics

4. Statistical Relationships

III. Inferential Statistics

5. Random Variables and Probability Distributions

6. Sampling

7. Point and Interval Estimation

8. One-Sample Hypothesis Testing

9. Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing

10. Nonparametric Methods

11. Analysis of Variance

12. Inferential Aspects of Linear Regression

13. Extending Regression Analysis

IV. Patterns in Space and Time

14. Spatial Patterns and Relationships

15. Time Series Analysis

Appendix: Statistical Tables