Executive Function in Education

Second Edition
From Theory to Practice

Edited by Lynn Meltzer

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February 19, 2018
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January 19, 2018
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I. Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks

1. Executive Function: Binding Together the Definitions of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities, Martha Bridge Denckla & E. Mark Mahone

2. Hill, Skill, and Will: Executive Function from a Multiple Intelligences Perspective,

Seana Moran & Howard Gardner

3. Executive Capacities from a Developmental Perspective, Jane Holmes Bernstein & Deborah P. Waber

4. The Development of Hot and Cool Executive Function: A Foundation for Learning in the Preschool Years, Andrei D. Semenov & Philip David Zelazo

II. Executive Function in Different Diagnostic Groups: Challenges of Identification and Treatment

5. Executive Function Difficulties and Learning Differences: Assessment for Teaching, Lynn Meltzer, Julie Dunstan-Brewer, & Kalyani Krishnan

6. Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Executive Function: The Challenges of Effective Assessment and Teaching, Judith A. Stein & Kalyani Krishnan

7. Executive Function in Autism Spectrum Disorder: From Research to Practice, Meghan Miller, Patricia L. Schetter, & Sally Ozonoff

III. Executive Function Processes in Reading and Other Content Areas

A: Reading: Current Findings and Interventions

8. Executive Function and Reading Difficulties: A Tale of Complexity in Diagnosis and Treatment, Jonathan D. Scheff, Neena M. Hudson, Mary Tarsha, & Laurie E. Cutting

9. Working Memory and Reading: Is there Evidence for an Executive Processing Deficit?, H. Lee Swanson & Jennifer E. Kong

10. Self-Regulation and Reading Comprehension: Self-Perceptions, Self-Evaluations, and Effective Strategies for Intervention, Tami Katzir, Vered Markovich, Einat Tesler, & Michal Shany

B. Interventions across the Content Areas

11. Creating Strategic Classrooms and Schools: Embedding Executive Function Strategies in the Curriculum, Lynn Meltzer

12. The Strategic Math Classroom: How Executive Function Impacts Math Learning, Joan Steinberg & Bethany Roditi

13. Self-Regulated Strategy Development in Writing: A Classroom Example of Developing Executive Function Processes and Future Directions, Karen R. Harris, Steve Graham, Linda Mason, Debra McKeown, & Natalie Olinghouse

14. Optimizing Executive Function in the Digital World: Advances in Universal Design for Learning, Samantha G. Daley & David H. Rose