Exemplary Instruction in the Middle Grades

Teaching That Supports Engagement and Rigorous Learning

Edited by Diane Lapp and Barbara Moss

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November 5, 2011
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January 27, 2012
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I. Teaching Content Literacy

1. If They Can’t Read Their Science Books—Teach Them How, Maria Grant

2. If They Can’t Read Their Social Studies Books—Support Their Learning with Guided Instruction, Karen D. Wood, Jennifer I. Hathaway, and Lina B. Soares

3. If You Want to Motivate the Learning of Mathematics—Use the Visual Arts as a Lens to Learning, Robin A. Ward and Susan Troutman

4. If You Want to Move Beyond the Textbook—Add Young Adult Literature to Content Area Classes, Virginia S. Loh

5. If You Want Students to Read—Motivate Them, Joan Kindig

6. If You Want Students to Use New Literacies—Give Them the Opportunity, Stephanie Schmier and Marjorie Siegel

7. If You Want Students to Evaluate Online Resources and Other New Media—Teach Them How, Jill Castek

8. If You Think Students Should Be Critically Literate—Show Them How, Peggy Albers

II. Developing Spoken and Written Language

9. If You Want to Take the Ho-Hum Out of History—Teach Writing That’s Right for New Times, Dana L. Grisham and Thomas DeVere Wolsey

10. If Students Are Unmotivated Writers—Motivate Them, Jane Hansen and Timothy Shea

11. If Students Are Not Succeeding as Writers—Teach Them to Self-Assess Using a Rubric, Judy M. Parr and Rebecca Jesson

12. If You Want Students to Learn Academic English—Teach It to Them, Dianna Townsend

13. If You Want Students to Learn Vocabulary—Move Beyond Copying Words, Kathy Ganske

14. If You Value Student Collaboration—Hold Students Accountable for Collaborative Group Work, Heather Casey

III. Establishing Effective Learning Routines

15. If You Think Book Clubs Matter—Set Some Up Online, Thomas DeVere Wolsey and Dana L. Grisham, with Melissa Provost

16. If You Want Students to Read Widely and Well—Eliminate Round-Robin Reading, Kelly Johnson and Diane Lapp

17. If You Want to Eliminate Misconceptions and Errors—Support Learning with Questions, Prompts, Cues, and Explanations, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

18. If You Want Students to Take Notes Instead of Copying Them—Teach Them How, Christianna Alger and Barbara Moss

19. If You Want to Help Students Organize Their Learning—Fold, Think, and Write with Three-Dimensional Graphic Organizers, Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

20. If Homework Really Matters—Assign Some That’s Valuable, Cynthia H. Brock, Julie L. Pennington, and Jennifer D. Morrison