Experiencing Compassion-Focused Therapy from the Inside Out

A Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Workbook for Therapists

Russell L. Kolts, Tobyn Bell, James Bennett-Levy, and Chris Irons
Foreword by Paul Gilbert

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May 30, 2018
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
Setting the Scene for CFT SP/SR

Chapter 1. Introducing Experiencing Compassion-Focused Therapy from the Inside Out

Chapter 2. A Brief Roadmap to CFT

Chapter 3. Why Do SP/SR?

Chapter 4. Getting the Most from SP/SR

Chapter 5. A Trio of Companions

I. Developing Compassionate Understanding

Module 1. Initial Assessment and Identifying a Challenge

Module 2. Three Systems of Emotion

Module 3. Soothing Rhythm Breathing

Module 4. Understanding the Tricky Brain sample

Module 5. Exploring Old Brain–New Brain Loops

Module 6. Mindful Breathing

Module 7. Shaped by Our Experiences

Module 8. Compassionate Functional Analysis

Module 9. Safe-Place Imagery

Module 10. Exploring Attachment Style

Module 11. Exploring Fears of Compassion

Module 12. Threat-Focused Formulation in CFT: Historical Influences and Key Fears

Module 13. Threat-Focused Formulation in CFT: Safety Strategies and Unintended Consequences

Module 14. The Mindful Check-In

Module 15. Unpacking Compassion

Module 16. Mindfulness of Self-Criticism Diary

Module 17. Midprogram Assessment

II. Cultivating Compassionate Ways of Being

Module 18. Different Versions of the Self: The Threat-Based Self

Module 19. Cultivating the Compassionate Self

Module 20. The Compassionate Self in Action

Module 21. Deepening the Compassionate Self

Module 22. Behavioral Experiments in CFT

III. Developing the Flows of Compassion

Module 23. Compassion from Self to Others: Skill Building Using Memory

Module 24. Compassion from Self to Others: Skill Building Using Imagery

Module 25. Compassion from Self to Others: Compassionate Behavior

Module 26. Compassion from Others to Self: Skill Building Using Memory

Module 27. Compassion from Others to Self: Opening to Kindness from Others

Module 28. Compassion Flowing to the Self: Compassionate Letter Writing

IV. Engaging Compassionately with Our Multiple Selves

Module 29. Getting to Know Our Multiple Selves

Module 30. Writing from the Multiple Selves

Module 31. Attachment and the Professional Self

Module 32. The Internal Compassionate Supervisor

Module 33. Using Your Internal Compassionate Supervisor to Work with a Difficulty

V. Reflecting on Your CFT SP/SR Journey

Module 34. Maintaining and Enhancing Compassionate Growth