Functional Assessment-Based Intervention

Effective Individualized Support for Students

John Umbreit, Jolenea B. Ferro, Kathleen Lynne Lane, and Carl J. Liaupsin

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February 27, 2024
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Introduction and Overview

1. An Introduction to Functional Assessment-Based Interventions sample

2. Primer on Behavior Analysis

II. Step 1—Identifying Students Who May Need a Functional Assessment-Based Intervention

3. Working in Tiered Systems of Support: A Focus on Tier 3 considerations

4. Identifying Students Who May Benefit from a FABI

III. Step 2—Conducting the Functional Assessment

5. Getting Started: Understanding the Context

6. Functional Assessment Interviews: Identifying the Problem and Establishing the Target Behaviors

7. Functional Assessment: Direct Observation

8. Determining the Function of the Behavior: The Function Matrix

IV. Step 3—Collecting Baseline Data

9. Identifying the Dimension of Interest and Selecting an Appropriate Measurement System

10. Getting Started: Collecting Baseline Data

V. Step 4—Designing the Functional Assessment-Based Intervention

11. Designing and Testing the Intervention

12. Intervention Method 1: Teach the Replacement Behavior

13. Intervention Method 2: Adjust the Environment

14. Intervention Method 3: Shift the Contingencies

15. Intervention Methods 1 and 2: Teach the Replacement Behavior and Adjust the Environment

16. Treatment Integrity

17. Social Validity

18. Generalization and Maintenance

19. Designing Your Intervention

VI. Step 5—Testing the Intervention

20. Determining Intervention Outcomes

21. Wrapping It Up: Ending with a Defensible FABI

VII. Getting Started in Your Own Context

22. Implementation Considerations

23. A Step-by-Step Training Model: One Approach to Building Capacity

Appendix. Published Research on the FABI Model

FABI Completion Checklists

- Completion Checklist. Step 1: Identifying Students Who Need a FABI

- Completion Checklist. Step 2: Conducting the Functional Assessment

- Completion Checklist. Step 3: Collecting Baseline Data

- Completion Checklist. Step 4: Designing the Intervention

- Completion Checklist. Step 5: Testing the Intervention