GIS and Public Health

Second Edition

Ellen K. Cromley and Sara L. McLafferty

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September 20, 2011
ISBN 9781609187507
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503 Pages
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October 28, 2011
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503 Pages
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“Cromley and McLafferty have made substantial but worthwhile revisions ultimately adding over 150 new pages of material and revising much of the original text….A substantial addition to the volume comes in the form of online support for the more practical aspects of the book. Given the applied nature of topics covered, the addition of exercises providing examples for readers to work through and try out concepts themselves is welcomed….A highly commendable book for students and practitioners alike….It performs a good overview role with plenty of references.”

International Planning Studies

“I can think of no better geographers than Ellen Cromley and Sara McLafferty for presenting the methodologies and research findings of GIS for health.”

The Geographical Review

“Comprehensive, well-structured, well-illustrated, and well-written....Instructors will find a wealth of illustrative examples of applications.”

Economic Geography

“Cromley and McLafferty have done it again! They’ve written the most comprehensive text available on GIS applications for public health. The last several years have seen rapid growth in public health applications of GIS, technological developments in mapping and imagery, and the availability of public health data, all of which are addressed in the book. Other updates in the second edition include reorganization of material, international applications, and a chapter on health disparities. The authors have outdone themselves with the clarity, completeness, and relevance of this book. Whether you’re new to the practice of public health GIS or an experienced GIS user, you will benefit from the wealth of material provided.”

—Carol Hanchette, Department of Geography and Geosciences, University of Louisville

“Cromley and McLafferty provide a thorough overview of the field. I have used the first edition as a text in my graduate-level introductory spatial methods class, and plan to use the second edition as well. I appreciate the book's extensive coverage of important information about GIS applications in public health research and practice.”

—Robin Puett, School of Public Health, University of Maryland

“A much-needed introduction to GIS for students, faculty, and professionals preparing to research or practice in public health. The second edition illustrates many new developments in the use of geospatial data, including spatial analysis methods now widely available on the Internet. It defines the terminology of GIS and shows how spatial analysis methods are used to understand and improve health. International in scope, the book covers mapping of disease rates, access to health services, environmental hazards and their health effects, diffusion of infectious diseases, community influences on health behavior, and the ecology of vector-borne diseases.”

—Gerard Rushton, Department of Geography, University of Iowa

GIS and Public Health was already one of the most respected texts in the field, and the second edition does not disappoint. The authors have retained the strengths of the original–clear, concise, and practical introductions to GIS, geospatial data, spatial thinking, and spatial analysis in public health science–and have added important new content. I have found this text more rewarding to use in teaching and to consult for my own work than any other single book in the field.”

—Stephen A. Matthews, Population Research Institute, The Pennsylvania State University