Getting the Best for Your Child with Autism

An Expert's Guide to Treatment

Bryna Siegel

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January 2, 2008
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March 1, 2011
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I. Mapping the Road to the Best Treatment: How to Get a Thorough Diagnosis

1. Off to a Good Start: Timely Screening Will Set You on the Path to Help

2. Getting Your Footing: What a Diagnosis Can (and Should) Do for You and Your Child

3. Setting a Course: Navigating the Diagnostic Process to Emerge with a Plan

II. Outfitting Yourself to Help Your Child

4. The Balanced Family: "Adjust Your Own Face Mask before Attempting to Help Others"

5. Becoming an Informed Consumer: Getting Your "Personal Best" in Services and Providers

III. Putting It Together: Matching Your Child's Learning Needs with the Treatments That Can Help

6. Learning Deficits, Learning Styles: What Does Your Child Need?

7. Core Treatments for Autism: Which Interventions Will Meet Your Child's Needs?

8. The Customized Course: Additional Strategies That Target Specific Needs

IV. On the Road: Getting Out There to Get What You Need

9. Navigating the Legal Byways: Entitlements That Foster Learning, Kathryn E. Dobel

10. Sharing the Driving: The Rights and Responsibilities of a Collaborative Parent