Getting the Best for Your Child with Autism

An Expert's Guide to Treatment

Bryna Siegel

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January 2, 2008
ISBN 9781593853174
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280 Pages
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March 1, 2011
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“This book gives a good overview to many of the mainstream interventions. It also provides a thorough treatise on IEP's and parental roles and rights....I would recommend this book to parents of children newly diagnosed with autism and to educators and service providers. This book can provide caregivers the 'big picture' of what is involved from the process of screening and diagnosis of autism tothe identification of providers, the selection of interventions, and the knowledge and skills needed in dealing with the special education system. Educators and service providers will also find this book helpful in terms of information they can share with caregivers of children with autism.”

Journal of Child and Family Studies

“This book is excellent. It has been a big help in many ways. Dr. Siegel clearly explains what the ideal process should be when you learn you have a child on the spectrum. The discussion of issues facing the entire family was particularly valuable. I highly recommend this book to other parents.”

—Will M., father of a 4-year-old with autism

“All parents want to do the best for their children, and this indispensable book shows how, step by step. Autism and its treatment are very complex, but Dr. Siegel's experience and accessible style make the issues crystal clear. She distills the vast amount of information that is out there for parents and separates the good advice from the bad. This book is a beacon of sanity and reassurance for any family navigating these stormy waters.”

—Ami Klin, PhD, Director, Marcus Autism Center, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University

“Dr. Siegel's book is a 'must-have' resource for families dealing with autism spectrum disorders. This scientifically based roadmap will help you not only to navigate the confusing sea of autism-related literature, but also to nourish the particular learning style of your child.”

—Brian Ruder, parent and board president, Jumpstart Learning to Learn

“This book draws on Dr. Siegel's wonderful conceptual understanding of the learning styles and social and emotional difficulties of children with autism, and translates it into very practical suggestions for parents. She doesn't promise cures, but she understands the value of hope and optimism. The book provides a balanced picture of what treatments are available, what is needed, what is realistic, and how to help your child effectively.”

—Gary B. Mesibov, PhD, Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology and Director, Division TEACHH, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“If you know or suspect that your child has autism, this book is a great resource. Dr. Siegel takes you on the journey from first diagnosis to finding treatments that meet your child's unique needs, and explains the critical role that parents can play. An excellent, timely, and compelling guide. Although it is written for parents, the book also will be extremely useful for practitioners.”

—Debra Moss, MA, Autism Specialist, Los Angeles Unified School District

“The sheer number of 'expert opinions' on autism treatment—not all of them trustworthy—can be overwhelming to parents. This book provides a road map of masterful clarity. Dr. Siegel draws upon her research and clinical experience with thousands of families, intermingling this experience with wonderful common sense, humor, and empathy, all in a very readable style. Every parent of a child with autism will benefit from reading this book.”

—Peter S. Jensen, MD, Director, The REACH Institute (The Resource for Advancing Children's Health), New York, New York