Handbook of Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection

Edited by Mark D. Alicke and Constantine Sedikides

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November 17, 2010
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Introduction. Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection: Historical Overview and Conceptual Framework, Mark D. Alicke and Constantine Sedikides

I. Neurocognitive Bases of Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection

1. Neural Bases of Approach and Avoidance, Eddie Harmon-Jones

2. Self-Enhancement: A Social Neuroscience Perspective, Jennifer S. Beer and Brent L. Hughes

II. Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection in Self-Construal

3. Self-Enhancement via Redefinition: Defining Social Concepts to Ensure Positive Views of the Self, Clayton R. Critcher, Erik G. Helzer, and David Dunning

4. Moral Hypocrisy: A Self-Enhancement/Self-Protection Motive in the Moral Domain, C. Daniel Batson and Elizabeth C. Collins

5. The Role of Time in Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection, Anne E. Wilson and Michael Ross

6. Reconciling Self-Protection with Self-Improvement: Self-Affirmation Theory, David K. Sherman and Kimberly A. Hartson

III. Perceptual, Judgmental, and Memory Processes in Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection

7. Of Visions and Desires: Biased Perceptions of the Environment Can Serve Self-Protective Functions, Shana Cole and Emily Balcetis

8. Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection in Social Judgment, Mark D. Alicke and Corey L. Guenther

9. Postdecisional Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection: The Role of the Self in Cognitive Dissonance Processes, Jeff Stone and Elizabeth Focella

10. The Positivity Bias and the Fading Affect Bias in Autobiographical Memory: A Self-Motives Perspective, John J. Skowronski

IV. Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection in Interpersonal, Relational, and Group Contexts

11. The Social Consequences of Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection, Vera Hoorens

12. Seeking Pleasure and Avoiding Pain in Interpersonal Relationships, Joanne V. Wood and Amanda L. Forest

13. An Attachment Perspective on Self-Protection and Self-Enhancement, Phillip R. Shaver and Mario Mikulincer

14. To Enhance or Protect the Self?: The Complex Role of Explicit and Implicit Self-Esteem, Tracy DeHart, Julie Longua, and Jennifer Smith

15. Attributions to Discrimination as a Self-Protective Strategy: Evaluating the Evidence, Brenda Major and Dina Eliezer

V. Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection in Developmental, Clinical, Health, Personality, and Cultural Contexts

16. Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection in a Developmental Context, Kali H. Trzesniewski, Megan Peggy-Anne Kinal, and M. Brent Donnellan

17. The Breakdown of Self-Enhancing and Self-Protecting Cognitive Biases in Depression, Lauren B. Alloy, Clara A. Wagner, Shimrit K. Black, Rachel K. Gerstein, and Lyn Y. Abramson

18. When Self-Enhancement Drives Health Decisions: Insights from a Terror Management Health Model, Jamie Arndt and Jamie L. Goldenberg

19. Narcissistic Self-Enhancement: Tales of (Successful?) Self-Portrayal, Carolyn C. Morf, Stephan Horvath, and Loredana Torchetti

20. Cultural Perspectives on Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection, Chi-yue Chiu, Ching Wan, Shirley Y.Y. Cheng, Young-hoon Kim, and Yung-jui Yang

VI. Boundary Conditions and Methodological Issues in Self-Enhancement and Self-Protection

21. Academic Exaggeration: Pushing Self-Enhancement Boundaries, Richard H. Gramzow

22. Measurement of Self-Enhancement (and Self-Protection), Joachim I. Krueger and Jack C. Wright