How Connections Heal

Stories from Relational-Cultural Therapy

Edited by Maureen Walker and Wendy B. Rosen
Foreword by Jean Baker Miller

April 22, 2004
ISBN 9781593850326
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258 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
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I. An Introduction to Relational-Cultural Theory and Practice

1. How Relationships Heal, Maureen Walker

2. Relational Learning in Psychotherapy Consultation and Supervision, Judith V. Jordan

II. Connection, Disconnection, and Resilience in the Therapy Dyad

3. Walking a Piece of the Way: Race, Power, and Therapeutic Movement, Maureen Walker

4. Making Great Memories: Empathy, Derailment, and Growth, Wendy B. Rosen

5. Caring, but Fallible: A Story of Repairing Disconnections, Alice C. Lawler

6. Reflections on Life, Loss, and Resilience, Dana L. Comstock

III. Applications to Couple, Family, and Group Therapy

7. Me, Them, Us: Developing Mutuality in a Couple's Therapy, Cindy Walls

8. Moving toward "We": Promise and Peril, Karen Skerrett

9. The Five Good Things in Cross-Cultural Therapy, Roseann Adams

10. Relational Movement in Group Psychotherapy, Nikki Fedele

IV. Envisioning New Models of Effectiveness and Change: Relational Practices in Institutional Settings

11. Prevention through Connection: A Collaborative Approach to Women's Substance Abuse, Linda M. Hartling

12. Toward Relational Empowerment of Women in Prison, Yvonne M. Jenkins

13. Relational Experiences of Delinquent Girls: A Case Study, Elizabeth Sparks