Imitation and the Social Mind

Autism and Typical Development

Edited by Sally J. Rogers and Justin H. G. Williams

May 25, 2006
ISBN 9781593853112
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I. Imitation in Typical Development

1. Studies of Imitation in Early Infancy: Findings and Theories, Sally J. Rogers

2. Vocal and Action Imitation by Infants and Toddlers during Dyadic Interactions: Development, Causes, and Consequences, Elise Frank Masur

3. Instrumental, Social, and Shared Goals and Intentions in Imitation, Malinda Carpenter

4. Mimicry and Autism: Bases and Consequences of Rapid, Automatic Matching Behavior, Eric J. Moody and Daniel N. McIntosh

5. Imitation and the Development of Language, Tony Charman

6. Does Imitation Matter to Children with Autism?, Jacqueline Nadel

7. Imitation and Self-Recognition in Autism: In Search of an Explanation, Mark Nielsen, Thomas Suddendorf, and Cheryl Dissanayake

8. Imitation, Theory of Mind, and Cultural Knowledge: Perspectives from Typical Development and Autism, Eva Loth and Juan Carlos Gómez

9. Imitation, Identification, and the Shaping of Mind: Insights from Autism, Peter Hobson and Jessica Meyer

II. Evolutionary and Neural Bases of Imitation

10. The Dissection of Imitation and Its "Cognitive Kin" in Comparative and Developmental Psychology, Andrew Whiten

11. A Cognitive Neuroscience View of Imitation, Jean Decety

III. Imitation in Autism and Other Clinical Groups: Biobehavioral Findings and Clinical Implications

12. Imitation in Autism: Findings and Controversies, Sally J. Rogers and Justin H. G. Williams

13. Longitudinal Research on Motor Imitation in Autism, Susan L. Hepburn and Wendy L. Stone

14. Measuring the Development of Motor-Control Processes, Mark Mon-Williams and James R. Tresilian

15. Neuroimaging Self-Other Mapping in Autism, Justin H. G. Williams and Gordon D. Waiter

16. Assessment of Imitation Abilities in Autism: Conceptual and Methodological Issues, Isabel M. Smith, Crystal Lowe-Pearce, and Shana L. Nichols

17. The Effect of Motor Disorders on Imitation in Children, Deborah Dewey and Shauna Bottos

18. Conclusions, Bruce F. Pennington, Justin H. G. Williams, and Sally J. Rogers