Innovations in Literacy Professional Learning

Strengthening Equity, Access, and Sustainability

Edited by Dana A. Robertson, Leigh A. Hall, and Cynthia H. Brock

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February 2, 2023
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Introduction: Innovation, Equity, and Sustainability in Literacy Professional Learning, Dana A. Robertson & Cynthia H. Brock

I. Professional Learning as Reflexive Growth-in-Practice

1. Developing Adaptive Expertise to Support Effective Professional Learning, Deidre M. Le Fevre

2. Innovative Hybrid Professional Learning at Redmond Mountain High School, Cynthia H. Brock, Leigh A. Hall, Erin E. Silcox, & Jeff Makelky sample

3. Professional Learning Designed to Cultivate Continuous Learning and Innovation, Cynthia L. Greenleaf, Mira-Lisa Katz, Mary Stump, & Gayle Cribb

4. Enhancing Secondary Teachers’ Opportunities to Learn about Comprehension in Culturally Sustaining Ways, Sarah M. Lupo, Dianna R. Townsend, & Rachel Knecht

5. Situated Professional Learning through Targeted Reading Instruction: Building Teacher Capacity and Diagnostic Practice, Steven J. Amendum, Heather H. Aiken, Mary Bratsch-Hines, & Leslie M. Babinski

6. Teacher Agency and Sustainable Learning through Literacy Coaching with Teachers of Adolescents Who Are Emergent Bi- and Multilingual Students, Jennifer Sharples Reichenberg

II. Professional Learning in/through/with Social Networks and Communities

7. Equitable, Accessible, and Sustainable Professional Learning That Makes a Difference: The Case of the Aboriginal Reading Project, Pauline Harris

8. Whole-Community Early Literacy Improvement: K-3 Academic Vocabulary Instruction, Susan V. Piazza, Sarah Summy, & Robert Herrera

9. Using Digital Tools to Promote Teacher Agency and Enhance Teacher Professional Learning, Lauren Breckenridge Padesky, Dana A. Robertson, Alexis Barney, & Noelle Clark

10. Innovations in Elementary Literacy Coaching: Sustaining Coaching Practices in Virtual Spaces, Jacy Ippolito, Rita M. Bean, & Kristine Sacha

11. How Micro-Courses Shape Teachers’ Perceptions, Engagement, and Learning in Professional Development, Leigh A. Hall

Epilogue. Creating Professional Learning That Works: Lessons for Going Forward. Leigh A. Hall