Interpersonal Perception

A Social Relations Analysis

David A. Kenny

August 5, 1994
ISBN 9780898621143
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270 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

A new edition will be published December 23, 2019.
“Kenny's book is testimony to the excitement and vibrancy that once again pervade research on how people perceive themselves and others....The book can serve as a manifesto for social perception researchersa reference guide for how research in this area can be done.”

Psychological Inquiry

“ ambitious work that presents a comprehensive review and analysis of existing work to date using the social relations model (SRM). SRM is one of the most innovative and useful accomplishments in the area of social perception since Kelley's (1967) cube....Although the methodological and statistical underpinnings of SRM are quite complex, Kenny does a masterful job of explaining the basic ideas in a simple and straightforward manner in the first two chapters....SRM is clearly one of the most innovative, creative, and powerful tools yet developed for gaining insights into how people view themselves and others. Interpersonal Perception provides a clear, readable, and comprehensive account of existing social perception research using that model.”

—Lee Jussim in Psychological Inquiry

“The result of Kenny's admirable willingness to draw conclusions is a punchier contribution than psychologists usually offer to social understanding. There is a real feeling, when one has finished reading this book, that psychology has learned a thing or two about how people perceive one another, and that is the kind of feeling that is good for our field. Some of Kenny's most important assertions address the way we should frame questions about interpersonal perception....Kenny has further established himself, if that is possible, as the key person in the study of interpersonal perception. His book is a must-read and a must-have for anybody doing research in this area and would also make a superb graduate-level textbook....The research it inspires will, in the end, be this book's most important contribution.”

—David C. Funder in Psychological Inquiry

“Kenny's book is testimony to the excitement and vibrancy that once again pervade research on how people perceive themselves and others. Interpersonal Perception is a milestone in the field, and we believe it will have a lasting impact....One of the most impressive achievements of Interpersonal Perception is that it provides a veritable how-to guide for conducting research on interpersonal perception....The book can serve as a manifesto for social perception researchers—a reference guide for how research in this area can be done.”

—Richard W. Robins and Oliver P. John in Psychological Inquiry

“David Kenny has written the Book of Revelation for the interpersonal perception researchers of the 21st century....destined to be a kind of bible to the next generation of interpersonal perception researchers.”

—William Ickes

“This book is extremely useful and I would recommend it to anyone studying interpersonal relationships, inside and outside the communication field.”

—Judee Burgoon, Professor of Communication, University of Arizona

“This is a concise and comprehensive overview of theory and research on interpersonal perception from the social relations perspective. Dave Kenny deserves a great deal of credit for his creative work in this area so central to Social Psychology.”

—Bernadette Park, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder

“This book defines some of the most fundamental questions about interpersonal perception. Kenny is one of the most distinquished scholars and methodologists in the field, and the methodology he describes for the study of interpersonal perception will serve the discipline well for many years to come. Only Kenny could have written this book. The contributions the book makes to our understanding of interpersonal perception are unique and important. Rarely does a book offer such a striking advance beyond the previous state of the science. It is a triple crown winner, offering contributions of distinction in theory, methodology, and data.”

—Bella M. DePaulo, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia

“This is a wonderful book...An indispensable reference for anyone working in the area of interpersonal perception...I will be teaching a graduate seminar in person perception...and I will use this text as required reading.”

—James S. Uleman, Ph.D., New York University

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