Interpersonal Perception

Second Edition
The Foundation of Social Relationships

David A. Kenny
Foreword by David C. Funder

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December 25, 2019
ISBN 9781462541515
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400 Pages
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November 25, 2019
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People make judgments about others all the time, often without realizing they are doing so. How are interpersonal impressions formed? How accurate are our perceptions of other people's traits—and our own? In this major revision of his landmark work, David A. Kenny provides a reader-friendly examination of these and other critical questions, identifying key components that shape impressions and their accuracy. Topics include how to estimate perceiver, target, and relationship effects; the extent to which different perceivers see a target in the same way; the impact of group membership and stereotypes; and whether others see us as we see ourselves. Implications for interpersonal relationships and social behavior are highlighted.

New to This Edition
  • Virtually a new book; incorporates 25 years of theoretical, empirical, and methodological advances.
  • New and greatly expanded topics, including first impressions, individual differences in accuracy, implicit measures, and narcissism.
  • Grounded in a reformulated conceptual model.
  • More accessible—uses nontechnical language, humor, popular culture, and simplified figures to elucidate complex ideas.
  • End-of-chapter “Practical Suggestions” apply the science to real-world social situations.