Interventions Following Mass Violence and Disasters

Strategies for Mental Health Practice

Edited by Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, Patricia J. Watson, and Matthew J. Friedman

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December 23, 2005
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I. Introduction

1. Overview, Matthew J. Friedman, Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, and Patricia J. Watson

2. Models of Early Intervention Following Mass Violence and Other Trauma, Josef I. Ruzek

II. Preparation, Training, and Needs Assessment

3. Improving Resilience Trajectories Following Mass Violence and Disaster, Patricia J. Watson, Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, James Demer, Paul Bartone, and Betty J. Pfefferbaum

4. Disaster Mental Health Training: Guidelines, Considerations, and Recommendations, Bruce H. Young, Josef I. Ruzek, Marlene Wong, Mark S. Salzer, and April J. Naturale

5. Immediate Needs Assessment Following Catastrophic Disaster Incidents, Anthony H. Speier

III. Mental Health Interventions

6. Interventions for Traumatic Stress: Theoretical Basis, Arieh Y. Shalev

7. The Context of Providing Immediate Postevent Intervention, Roderick J. Ørner, Adrian T. Kent, Betty J. Pfefferbaum, Beverley Raphael, and Patricia J. Watson

8. The Immediate Response to Disaster: Guidelines for Adult Psychological First Aid, Bruce H. Young

9. Intermediate Interventions, Richard A. Bryant and Brett T. Litz

10. Longer-Term Mental Health Interventions for Adults Following Disasters and Mass Violence, Beverley Raphael and Sally Wooding

11. Consultation to Groups, Organizations, and Communities, James E. McCarroll and Robert J. Ursano

12. On a Road Paved with Good Intentions, You Still Need a Compass: Monitoring and Evaluating Disaster Mental Health Services, Craig S. Rosen, Helena E. Young, and Fran H. Norris

IV. Specific Situations and Populations

13. Interventions for Children and Adolescents Following Disasters, Judith A. Cohen, Anthony P. Mannarino, Laura E. Gibson, Stephen J. Cozza, Melissa J. Brymer, and Laura Murray

14. Rapid Development of Family Assistance Centers: Lessons Learned Following the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, Gregory A. Leskin, William J. Huleatt, Jack Herrmann, Lisa R. LaDue, and Fred D. Gusman

15. Psychiatric Intervention for Medical and Surgical Patients Following Traumatic Injuries, Harold J. Wain, Geoffrey G. Grammer, John Stasinos, and Catherine M. DeBoer

16. Mitigation of Psychological Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Ross H. Pastel and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie

17. Promoting Disaster Recovery in Ethnic-Minority Individuals and Communities, Fran H. Norris and Margarita Alegría

18. Toward Understanding and Creating Systems of Postdisaster Care: A Case Study of New York's Response to the World Trade Center Disaster, Fran H. Norris, Jessica L. Hamblen, Patricia J. Watson, Josef I. Ruzek, Laura E. Gibson, Betty J. Pfefferbaum, Jennifer L. Price, Susan P. Stevens, Bruce H. Young, and Matthew J. Friedman

19. Outreach Strategies: An Experiential Description of the Outreach Methodologies Used in the September 11 Disaster Response in New York, April J. Naturale

V. Creating an Agenda for the Future

20. Conducting Research on Mental Health Interventions, Brett T. Litz and Laura E. Gibson

21. Mental Health and Behavioral Interventions for Victims of Disasters and Mass Violence: Caring, Planning, and Needs, Robert J. Ursano and Matthew J. Friedman