Interventions for Reading Problems

Second Edition
Designing and Evaluating Effective Strategies

Edward J. Daly III, Sabina Neugebauer, Sandra M. Chafouleas, and Christopher H. Skinner

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January 20, 2015
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February 9, 2015
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Edward J. Daly III, PhD, is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Dr. Daly is a Fellow of Division 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association (APA). He is a past Editor of the Journal of School Psychology. Dr. Daly's research is in the area of developing functional assessment methods for academic performance problems. He has coauthored or edited several books and numerous chapters and journal articles.

Sabina Neugebauer, EdD, is Assistant Professor of Reading in the School of Education at Loyola University Chicago. Her research focuses on the language and literacy development of linguistically diverse students from childhood through adolescence. Dr. Neugebauer has published articles in a number of scholarly journals. She has also taught and collaborated with teachers across multiple settings, including elementary and middle school classrooms, in the United States and abroad.

Sandra M. Chafouleas, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut. Her research focuses on school-based behavior assessment and intervention and school mental health. Dr. Chafouleas is a member of the Society for the Study of School Psychology and a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. She has authored over 150 articles, book chapters, and books.

Christopher H. Skinner, PhD, is Professor and Coordinator of School Psychology Programs at the University of Tennessee. He is a recipient of the Lightner Witmer Award and the Senior Scientist Award from APA Division 16 as well as the Fred S. Keller Behavioral Education Award from APA Division 25 (Behavior Analysis). Dr. Skinner's research focuses on enhancing educational outcomes for students with or at risk for disabilities by developing, evaluating, and disseminating contextually valid intervention procedures.