Intrusive Thoughts in Clinical Disorders

Theory, Research, and Treatment

Edited by David A. Clark

October 8, 2004
ISBN 9781593850838
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255 Pages
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1. Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts in Nonclinical Individuals: Implications for Clinical Disorders, David A. Clark and Shelley Rhyno

2. Intrusive Thoughts in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Sherry A. Falsetti, Jeannine Monnier,

and Heidi S. Resnick

3. Seeking Solace but Finding Despair: The Persistence of Intrusive Thoughts in Depression, Richard M. Wenzlaff

4. Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts in Insomnia, Allison G. Harvey

5. Worry, Intrusive Thoughts, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The Metacognitive Theory and Treatment, Adrian Wells

6. Thinking Is Believing: Ego-Dystonic Intrusive Thoughts in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder,

David A. Clark and Kieron O'Connor

7. Psychosis and the Phenomenon of Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts, Anthony P. Morrison

8. Unwanted Thoughts and Fantasies Experienced by Sexual Offenders: Their Nature, Persistence, and Treatment, W. L. Marshall and Calvin Langton

9. Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: Present Status and Future Directions, Christine Purdon