Literacy Coaching in the Secondary Grades

Helping Teachers Meet the Needs of All Students

Jade Wexler, Elizabeth Swanson, and Alexandra Shelton

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July 14, 2021
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I. Introduction

1. The State of Adolescent Literacy

2. What Do We Do about These Poor Outcomes?

3. Common Schoolwide Support Models

II. Instructional Practices Every Secondary Literacy Coach Should Know

4. Using Data

5. Challenges in Choosing Text for Intensive Instruction

6. Features of Effective Instruction

7. Evidence-Based Content-Area Literacy Practices to Support Students with Intensive Needs

8. Fidelity of Implementation

III. An Adaptive Coaching Model to Improve Literacy Instruction for All Students

9. An Adaptive Approach to Literacy Instructional Coaching: Enhancing Intensive Instruction in a Schoolwide Literacy Model

10. An Introduction to AIM Coaching

11. Determining Teachers' Skill and Will Levels

12. Tailoring Support to Meet Teachers' Needs

13. AIM Coaching Case Study