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Managing Suicidal Risk

Third Edition
A Collaborative Approach

David A. Jobes
Foreword by Thomas E. Joiner

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August 18, 2023
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August 18, 2023
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Foreword, Thomas E. Joiner

1. The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality

2. The Suicide Status Form

3. Optimizing the Use of the CAMS Framework

4. CAMS Risk Assessment

5. CAMS Treatment Planning

6. CAMS Interim Care

7. CAMS Clinical Outcomes and Disposition

8. CAMS as a Means of Decreasing Malpractice Liability

9. CAMS Adaptations and Future Developments


Appendix A. Contemporary Mental Health Care Developments Related to Suicide Prevention

Appendix B. Suicide Status Form–5 (SSF-5): First Session, Interim Sessions, Final Session

Appendix C. Coding Manual for the SSF Core Assessment Scales: Qualitative Assessment

Appendix D. Coding Manual for SSF Reasons for Living versus Reasons for Dying

Appendix E. Coding Manual for the SSF One-Thing Response

Appendix F. CAMS-Related Empirical Research

Appendix G. CAMS Quick Check Preparation Guide

Appendix H. CAMS Therapeutic Worksheet

Appendix I. Stabilization Support Plan

Appendix J. Complete CAMS Case Example of Carmen

Appendix K. CAMS Living Status Form

Appendix L. CAMS Rating Scale (CRS.3)

Appendix M. Frequently Asked Questions about CAMS