Measurement Theory and Applications for the Social Sciences

Deborah L. Bandalos

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January 31, 2018
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I. Instrument Development and Analysis

1. Introduction

2. Norms and Standardized Scores

3. The Test Development Process

4. Writing Cognitive Items

5. Writing Noncognitive Items

6. Item Analysis for Cognitive and Noncognitive Items

II. Reliability and Validity

7. Introduction to Reliability and the Classical Test Theory Model

8. Methods of Assessing Reliability

9. Interrater Agreement and Reliability

10. Generalizability Theory

11. Validity

III. Advanced Topics in Measurement Theory

12. Exploratory Factor Analysis

13. Confirmatory Factor Analysis

14. Item Response Theory, with Christine E. DeMars

15. Diagnostic Classification Models, with Laine P. Bradshaw

16. Bias, Fairness, and Legal Issues in Testing

17. Standard Setting

18. Test Equating